Prophecy in today's headlines

America A Mission Field

The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says a recent article in Newsweek magazine about the decline of Christianity in America poses some challenges to believers. The cover story of the April 13, 2009, issue of Newsweek — titled “The End of Christian America” — points to studies that show the number of Americans […]

United Nations’ Threat: No More Parental Rights

A United Nations human rights treaty that could prohibit children from being spanked or homeschooled, ban youngsters from facing the death penalty and forbid parents from deciding their families’ religion is on America’s doorstep, a legal expert warns. Michael Farris of Purcellville, Va., is president of, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association […]

President Bush – Bible Probably Not Literal

President George W. Bush said in an interview Monday that the Bible is “probably not” literally true and that a belief that God created the world is compatible with the theory of evolution. “I think you can have both,” Bush, who leaves office January 20, told ABC television, adding “You’re getting me way out of […]