Prophecy in today's headlines

Most Dangerous US Earthquake Hot Spots Beyond California

The biggest earthquakes in the country are not in California. A much greater hazard, at least in terms of sheer magnitude, exists to the north of the San Andreas Fault where the ocean crust is being forced beneath the North American continent. Known as the Cascadia Subduction Zone, this 680-mile long stretch of colliding land […]

2 Earthquakes Strike Off Southern California Coast

Two moderate earthquakes have struck under the ocean near the Channel Islands off the Southern California coast. The U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck the sea floor about 14 miles east of San Nicolas Island at 2:45 p.m Sunday. A magnitude 3.6 quake hit three minutes later in the same spot, 56 […]

Two Earthquakes Strike Indian Ocean Region, Japan

Two potentially destructive earthquakes struck minutes apart in the Indian Ocean and Japan today, generating tsunami alerts for India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Japan. The larger of the two quakes was a magnitude-7.6 temblor that hit the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. It was followed less than 15 minutes later by a 6.6-magnitude […]

Mysterious Tremors Detected On San Andreas Fault

Scientists have detected a spike in underground rumblings on a section of California’s San Andreas Fault that produced a magnitude-7.8 earthquake in 1857. What these mysterious vibrations say about future earthquakes is far from certain. But some think the deep tremors suggest underground stress may be building up faster than expected and may indicate an […]