Prophecy in today's headlines

Bright Light, Loud Boom – Possible Meteor Over Midwest

People in parts of northern Illinois, southwest Wisconsin and eastern Iowa reported seeing a large meteor Wednesday night. Reports of meteor sightings about 10 p.m. Wednesday were coming in to the National Weather Service from areas including parts of Wisconsin and eastern Iowa, said Nathan Marsili, a meteorologist with the weather service's Chicago-area office. “There […]

Astronomer: Texas Mystery Fireball Was Meteor

The fireball that blazed across the Texas sky and sparked numerous weekend calls to law enforcement agencies now can be considered an identified flying object. The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday the fireball was a natural phenomenon — not flying space junk — and a North Texas astronomer said more specifically that it was probably […]

Mysterious Fireball Lights Up Night Sky – Edmonton Canada

A mysterious fireball lit up the sky across Edmonton and a large part of the prairies Thursday evening. Many witnesses reported that they saw “bright orange flames” with a large tail that shot horizontally across the sky and then disappeared. Others said it looked like horizontal lightning, where all the clouds in one huge swath […]