Prophecy in today's headlines

H.R. 2647 Hate Crimes Bill Passed

A Christian minister who has spent time in jail because of a state “hate crimes” law is warning that the federal legislation, now pending on President Obama’s desk, is “one of the most dangerous pieces of federal legislation in the history of our nation.” The comment comes from Michael Marcavage of Repent America. He was […]

Dems Sneak Hate Crimes Bill In Defense Initative

Democrats are expected to sneak the hate crimes bill through the Senate as early as tomorrow after they offered it as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill. The Senate approved the same hate crime legislation last year as part of the military funding bill, but it was never reconciled with the House’s bill. The […]

HR 1913 Hate Crimes Bill Gains Approval of House Panel

The House Judiciary Committee approved legislation Thursday to extend federal hate crimes law to cover offenses based on sexual orientation. The measure was approved 15-12 after a two-day debate and the defeat of more than a dozen Republican amendments. Current federal hate crime law covers the use or threat of force based on race, color, […]