Prophecy in today's headlines

Stock Market Dives Nearly 1000 Points, Fear of Greek Debt Crisis Spreading

In one of the most dizzying half-hours in stock market history, the Dow plunged nearly 1,000 points on worries about the spreading European debt crisis before paring those losses in an equally rapid rebound. The apparent trigger for the massive selloff, which began shortly after 2 pm ET, was the approval of austerity measures by […]

Russia To Call For New World Currency At G20 Talks

Russia yesterday published its list of demands for upcoming discussions at the next G20 talks, and top of the list was a new “superreserve currency”. Angered by the dominance of the US dollar as the global reserve currency, the Kremlin said in a statement issued on its website that the IMF should look into the […]

Experts Warn Of Massive Dollar Collapse

Peter Schiff warns of imminent collapse of  the US dollar and dire days ahead for US.   Watch The Video Bank of England policymaker Willem Buiter says Americans should prepare now. ———————– Americans must prepare themselves for a massive collapse in the dollar as investors around the world dump their US assets, a former Bank […]

Dollar Spirals Downward

The world’s biggest currency-trading firms say the dollar’s appeal as a haven amid the financial crisis all but evaporated. The U.S. currency slid to a 13-year low against the yen today and had its biggest one-day decline versus the euro after the Federal Reserve reduced its target interest rate yesterday to a range of zero […]

One World Financial System – One World Currency Is The End Game

Glenn Beck urges America to, “wake up now!” “There is a global meltdown coming. It is global depression. And one world currency and one world financial system is the endgame.” Glenn Beck Says, “China said last week they want one global currency. France said yesterday … they want one world order – a new world […]

Black Friday? Stock Markets Brace For The Worse

There wasn’t much new in U.S. markets Thursday, and that was the problem. Credit markets remain mostly frozen, as wary banks still refuse to lend to one another despite the federal government’s attempts to break that logjam. The plan for the Treasury to buy up $700 billion in bad loans from banks now is roundly […]

Gold and Silver Dealers Report Unprecedented Shortage

A surge for demand in gold and silver has resulted in an unprecedented shortage of the metals for retail investors in recent days, according to Gold and Silver Investments, a Dublin-based firm that allows retail investors to speculate on movements in the value of precious metals. Gold and Silver Investments director Mark O’Byrne said the […]

US On Brink of Financial Meltdown?

Last Thursday, the top economic policymakers in the United States told congressional leaders that the financial system was only days away from a catastrophic failure — and that the only hope was an immediate, massive government bailout. Congress agreed in principle, buoying financial markets. But five days later, the specifics of the rescue legislation remain […]