Prophecy in today's headlines

Historic Storm Sets Records for Lowest Pressure in U.S.

A massive storm system set records on Tuesday for the lowest surface pressure ever observed in the continental United States from a non-tropical cyclone. The storm was centered over northern Minnesota, causing barometers to drop as low as 28.20″, a record for a non-tropical cyclone. The pressure gradients caused by the rapidly intensifying low produced […]

Bright Light, Loud Boom – Possible Meteor Over Midwest

People in parts of northern Illinois, southwest Wisconsin and eastern Iowa reported seeing a large meteor Wednesday night. Reports of meteor sightings about 10 p.m. Wednesday were coming in to the National Weather Service from areas including parts of Wisconsin and eastern Iowa, said Nathan Marsili, a meteorologist with the weather service's Chicago-area office. “There […]

America Slides Deeper Into Depression…

December was the worst month for US unemployment since the Great Recession began. The labour force contracted by 661,000. This did not show up in the headline jobless rate because so many Americans dropped out of the system. The broad U6 category of unemployment rose to 17.3pc. That is the one that matters. Wall Street […]