Prophecy in today's headlines

New Cartoon Now In Development Mocks Jesus, God

Comedy Central might censor every image of the Prophet Muhammad on “South Park,” yet the network seems to have no problem developing an animated series around Jesus. As part of the network’s upfront presentation to advertisers, Comedy Central is set to announce “JC,” a half-hour show about Jesus wanting to escape the shadow of God […]

Gay Marriage Scandal Over Miss California

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, of San Diego, did not capture the Miss USA crown on Sunday night and many speculate that her answer to a gay  rights question might have cost her the title. Here is a transcript of the exchange: Perez Hilton: “Vermont recently became the 4th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Do […]

‘How Far Can You Bounce?’ Shouts Push Suicidal Teen to Death

Jeering onlookers goaded a teenager in Britain to jump to his death, undermining police efforts to talk him down, and then took pictures of the body. Tuesday as 17-year-old Shaun Dykes prepared to jump from the top of a multi-storey carpark in Derby, northern England, spectators allegedly shouted to him: “How far can you bounce?,” […]