Prophecy in today's headlines

Extreme Weather Around The Globe Taking Its Toll

Weather related havoc around the world is taking it’s toll. Floods have killed thousands in Asia and left millions homeless from Pakistan to North Korea, while fires and drought in Russia have roiled global markets and a tropical storm bears down on Bermuda. Asian devastation may stretch aid efforts as crops are destroyed at a […]

N. Korea, Syria, Iran – New Axis of Evil Worries Israel

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday accused North Korea of plotting to run arms to Hamas and Hizbullah, saying Pyongyang was part of a new “axis of evil” along with Syria and Iran.Speaking to reporters during a state-visit to Tokyo, Lieberman said “this axis of evil that includes North Korea, Syria and Iran, it’s the […]

North Korea May Fire Missile Toward Hawaii

North Korea may be preparing to launch a long-range ballistic missile, possibly in the direction of Hawaii, a Japanese newspaper said Thursday, citing an analysis by the Japanese Defense Ministry. South Korean kindergartners play near displays of models of mock North Korea’s Scud-B missile, right, and other South Korean missiles at Korea War Memorial Museum […]

North Korea Warns of Nuclear War

North Korea’s communist regime has warned of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula while vowing to step up its atomic bomb-making program in defiance of new U.N. sanctions. The North’s defiance presents a growing diplomatic headache for President Barack Obama as he prepares for talks Tuesday with his South Korean counterpart on the North’s […]

Obama Must Consider Military Option on North Korea

By Kathleen Troia “K.T.” McFarland National Security Expert/Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense North Korea snatched two American journalists and is holding them hostage under the window dressing of calling them ’spies.’  They’ve detonated two nuclear bombs. They’ve tested medium and long range ballistic missiles and they’re preparing another round of tests. They’re getting so […]

NK Detonates Underground Nuclear Bomb

North Korea’s state media has confirmed the communist state has conducted a nuclear weapons test. It is believed the blast was much stronger than Pyongyang’s first test in 2006. South Korea says weather agency officials detected what they called an artificial earthquake in the communist North this morning. The government in Seoul immediately accused North […]

North Korea Threatens Retaliation

North Korea ordered its armed forces on standby and warned Monday it will retaliate against anyone seeking to block its planned satellite launch, which many fear will disguise a missile test. The threat was the North’s latest attempt to escalate tensions on the divided peninsula and a strong sign that the communist nation intends to […]

South Korea’s Navy On Alert After North Issues Warning Of Conflict

North Korea issued another warning on Sunday, threatening South Korea of a possible military conflict as the former try to restructure its foreign policies against South Korea amid mounting tension in the Korean Peninsula. The reports on Sunday said the South Korean Defense Ministry officials have indicated that the country’s navy will remain on high […]