Prophecy in today's headlines

Israel Appears Fated to Clash With U.S.

“Israeli Coalition Appears Fated to Clash With U.S.” — that’s the headline of a Washington Post story predicting big trouble between the Obama administration and the right-wing coalition government Benjamin Netanyahu is putting together, after failing to bring in centrist or left-wing elements. The Post notes, correctly I think, that Netanyahu himself may well be […]

Netanyahu Vows To Topple Hamas If Elected

Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday promised that a government under his leadership would topple the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. “[Kadima leader] Tzipi Livni and the people of Kadima scoffed at the predictions regarding rocket fire. A government under my leadership will overthrow the Hamas rule in Gaza and bring about a cessation […]

U.S. and Israel On Collision Course Over Iran Nukes?

Former Ambassador Shoval: ‘Due to Iranian nuclear threat, time has come to upgrade Israel’s NATO status’ ‘ Deployment of US radar missile system in Israel maybe attempt to tie Israel’s hands or help defend the country in wake of joint operation against Iran’ ‘Israel and US may be on a collision course over military strike […]