Prophecy in today's headlines

Obama To End Military Policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

US President Barack Obama has said he will end the ban on gay people serving openly in the military. He said he would repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that allows gay people to serve in the military if they do not reveal their sexual orientation. Mr Obama was speaking to America’s largest gay […]

Obama Goes After Israel In UN Speech

In declaring that it is time for Middle East peace “without preconditions,” President Obama used his speech to the U.N. General Assembly Wednesday to fire a warning at Israel that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”Obama’s stark declaration, which drew applause, was coupled with a call for Palestinians to end their […]

Dismay in Europe as Obama Ditches Missile Defense

President Obama dismayed America’s allies in Europe and angered his political opponents at home today when he formally ditched plans to set up a missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. The project had been close to the heart of Mr Obama’s predecessor, President Bush, who had argued before leaving office in January […]

Palestinians: State Within 2 Years With Obama’s Support

Following meeting with Mitchell in Ramallah, senior Palestinian officials say US committed to peace deal within two years. According to them, former President Bill Clinton’s plan again put on table US special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu twice on Wednesday. Senior Palestinian officials who met with Palestinian […]

Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War

Events are fast pushing Israel toward a pre-emptive military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, probably by next spring. That strike could well fail. Or it could succeed at the price of oil at $300 a barrel, a Middle East war, and American servicemen caught in between. So why is the Obama administration doing everything it […]

Suddenly, Netanyahu Is Popular and Obama Is Not

Later this month, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, U.S. President Barack Obama will take the podium at the United Nations General Assembly and, flanked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, declare the resumption of the Middle East peace process. He will set an ambitious goal: to achieve, within two years, […]

President Obama Praises US Muslims At Ramadan Dinner

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised American Muslims for enriching the nation’s culture at a dinner to celebrate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. “The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country,” Obama said at […]

Poll: 4% of Jewish Israelis Think Obama Is pro-Israel

The number of Israelis who see US President Barack Obama’s policies as pro-Israel has fallen to four percent, according to a Smith Research poll taken this week on behalf of The Jerusalem Post. Fifty-one percent of Jewish Israelis consider Obama’s administration more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israel, according to the survey, while 35% consider it neutral and […]