Prophecy in today's headlines

Dead birds in Alabama fuel more Bible prophecy queries

More birds are dead as 300 grackles fell out of the sky near Huntsville, Ala., and slammed into a rash of objects Thursday, Jan. 13. According witnesses, drivers watched as birds fell dead and flew into trees, poles and cars. The incidents continue to baffle scientists while theories such as secret government testing, unreported earthquake […]

Arkansas events with fish and birds have potential to lead to another disaster

Some residents in Arkansas cities saw the incidence with thousands of birds falling out of the sky and dead fish surfacing as apocalyptic in nature. Others have expressed concern that it may be some kind of negative omen regarding 2011 since both events happened as it approached. Scientists are of course researching the events in […]

Blackbirds Fall From the Sky In 3 States Arkansas, Louisiana and Kentucky

Beebe Arkansas – Black birds fall from sky Absent a final explanation, wild theories abound concerning reasons Arkansans’ saw black birds fall from sky and fish die off en masse. The event revives superstitions about birds as omens. […] People have tried to link the bird die-off – which is certainly unusual, though not unprecedented […]