Prophecy in today's headlines

Italians evacuate Rome over big one fears

The UK’s Telegraph  reports businesses have had requests from one in five people to have time off work and many are also keeping children away from school and heading to the beach or country for the day. Romans are taking it so seriously that local newspapers have even been publishing survival guides with tips of […]

Sun, Moon Responsible for Earthquakes?

Tremors that start deep underground are caused by water being controlled by the sun and moon, a new study by UC Berkeley seismologists has found. According to ScienceDaily, the study could pave the way for better understanding of earthquakes. The seismologists studied part of California’s 800-mile San Andreas Fault, which has been responsible for some […]

Arkansas – Series of Quakes Could Be Sign of Larger Earthquake Coming

A series of small earthquakes that rattled central Arkansas in recent weeks could be a sign of something much bigger to come. By this weekend, seismologists hope to install three measurement devices to gather data about future temblors in the area. That information could show whether the rumbles come from heat-related geological changes or from […]