Prophecy in today's headlines

Married couples at a record low

The proportion of adults who are married has plunged to record lows as more people decide to live together now and wed later, reflecting decades of evolving attitudes about the role of marriage in society. Just 51 percent of all adults who are 18 and older are married, placing them on the brink of becoming […]

Nearly Half Of Children Born Out Of Wedlock – UK

Almost half of babies are now born outside wedlock, official figures show. The demise of the traditional family set-up is continuing despite growing evidence that children suffer when they are not raised by a married mother and father. Data published by the Office for National Statistics show that in 2007, 44.4 per cent of live […]

The Birth Of The Biological Single Parent – Science

The latest advances in stem-cell research mean someone could some day become a biological single parent, the source of both the egg and the sperm needed to make a baby. “In theory, a single individual could be both mother and father to a child. The individual does not even have to be living if there […]