Prophecy in today's headlines

Christian College Creates Homosexual Housing

The church-affiliated Texas Christian

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown Says World Is Already In A Depression

Gordon Brown described the global economic downturn as a depression for the first time yesterday during a furious Commons clash with David Cameron. The Prime Minister’s remark came as he told MPs that countries “should agree as a world on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of depression”. His use […]

South Korea’s Navy On Alert After North Issues Warning Of Conflict

North Korea issued another warning on Sunday, threatening South Korea of a possible military conflict as the former try to restructure its foreign policies against South Korea amid mounting tension in the Korean Peninsula. The reports on Sunday said the South Korean Defense Ministry officials have indicated that the country’s navy will remain on high […]

Is Obama the Most Famous Living Person Ever?

No. That honor goes to  Jesus Christ. Barack Obama is the most famous living person in the history of the world. I’m not trying to induce an acid flashback to John Lennon’s infamous 1966 comment, “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus.” But whether you measure fame in terms of saturation or sheer numbers, it […]