Prophecy in today's headlines

Scientists warn of $2 Billion Dollar Solar ‘Katrina’

The Financial Times warns, the sun is waking up from a long quiet spell. Last week it sent out the strongest flare for four years – and scientists are warning that earth should prepare for an intense electromagnetic storm that, in the worst case, could be a “global Katrina” costing the world economy $2,000bn. Read […]

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center Issues Solar Activity Alert

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) (part of NOAA’s National Weather Service, NWS), has issued an alert for an increase in solar activity to moderate levels with a chance for an isolated major solar flare over the next few days. The consequent solar wind, consisting of charged atomic particles, is expected to intersect the upper […]

Massive Solar Flare Keeps Growing

The magnetic filament snaking around the sun’s southeast limb just keeps getting longer. The portion visible stretches more than 700,000 km – a full solar radius. Picture

Nasa Scientists Braced for Solar Tsunami To Hit Earth

Experts said a wave of supercharged gas will likely reach the Earth on Tuesday, when it will hit the natural magnetic shield protecting Earth. According to to the it’s likely to spark spectacular displays of the aurora or northern and southern lights. Scientists have warned that a large solar eruption could destroy satellites and damage […]