Prophecy in today's headlines

Israel Has Only Days to Strike Bushehr Nuclear Reactor

Israel has only a few days to launch an attack on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned Tuesday. With Russia planning to assist in the loading of the fuel rods as early a Friday, Israel would no longer be willing to strike for fear of triggering widespread radiation […]

Israeli Attack On Iran Might Lead to Nuclear Conflict

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned Israel against a military attack on Iran, saying it might lead to nuclear war and global disaster. The United States and Israel have refused to rule out military action against Iran if diplomacy fails to resolve the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program. In an interview with the ABC News, […]

Israel and Iran: The Armageddon Scenario

It is becoming increasingly likely that Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities in the next few months. Indeed, over the past few weeks, signs of an impending strike have been widely reported, with the Israeli government itself fueling much of the speculation. While much of the recent media commentary has revolved around the question of […]